Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 25

With the last of the bandit archers downed, Robilar twisted around in the direction of Tenser and Gronan. Robilar raised his bow and tried to take careful aim at the moving figure of Gronan.  The hint of a smile came to the corner of Robilar's mouth; mere minutes ago he was considering betraying Tenser for his valuable spellbook and now he was prepared to kill Gronan in Tenser's defense.  Maybe disliking Gronan helped him make his decision.

Out of the corner of his eye, though, Robilar could see Terik was hard pressed by Captain Drake.  Maybe Tenser will just have to run away a little longer, Robilar thought as he twisted back around and tried to take aim at Drake.

Drake was not helping.  Indeed, having spotted Robilar on his high perch already, Drake was doing a good job of keeping Terik in front of him for cover. 

Growing impatient quickly, Robilar cursed and tossed his bow on the ground.  He leaped down from the wall, drew his sword, and raced to Terik's side.  If they could take down Drake together, then they could help Tenser.  If it wasn't too late already.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 24

For Tenser, there was nothing scarier than being without a spell.  He ate, slept, and lived each day with the confidence that came from knowing that, at a moment's notice, he could let loose with any of his prepared spells to defend himself.  A life of adventure meant that he had to cast his spells more often than the average magic-user, but the trick of it was to make sure he had at least one in reserve for the trip back home, where his spellbook awaited him.  Then, after a few hours of preparation, spent perusing that magic tome and its well-worn pages, Tenser would feel safe, confident, and himself again.

It was in times like this, when he was most vulnerable, that Tenser was glad to know that Robilar and Terik had his back.

But then Tenser heard the clang of metal striking metal reverberating through the ruins...and knew that something scary was happening.

Which, coincidentally, was similar to the last thought one of the bandit archers had just before Robilar's arrow struck him in the chest.

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