Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ch. 4 Page 7

Ehlissa went with him. She went back home, packed quickly, ran back, caught up to Erac before he could leave, and went with him and his adventuring party back to Castle Greyhawk. Or at least she did in her mind.

Every time she reviewed her decision to stay, she was perplexed. Why couldn't she do it? What was holding her here? She was questioning herself until sleep finally came to her that night, and continued on into the next, rainy morning...

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ch. 4, Page 6

Ehlissa was fearful that she was too late and Erac was already gone. But she pushed that fear aside into a special place she had for fears and began to think about it rationally as she ran through the Foreign Quarter of the city. Robilar would not have told her about Erac leaving if it was too late to catch him. Robilar was also known to stick fairly close to the Foreign Quarter, except for the occasional dalliance into the Old City, but the Old City was the wrong way to reach Castle Greyhawk. So, even though there were many gates in the outer curtain wall of the city, the Cargo Gate was the one Erac was most likely to use.

Luck was with Ehlissa at the Cargo Gate -- a sentry there remembered a man matching Erac's description, having recently gone through as part of a party of four -- and had not even asked Ehlissa for a bribe for the information. They were close to the river here, but Ehlissa knew no one sensible tried to reach Castle Greyhawk by river, for it wound well away from the old ruins. In that case, Erac was likely on the road that led north, parallel to the city's outer wall. Now it was just a matter of catching him in time...