Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ch. 4, Page 9

Ehlissa hardly knew what to say. From some angles, or if she squinted at him, this looked just like Erac. But if Erac came back from Castle Greyhawk looking slightly changed (and this did happen on occasion; she heard of an adventurer coming back once as a lizard man, and another adventurer who was a man coming back as a woman!), then why this game of deception?

She would dig deeper and get answers from him!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ch. 4, Page 8

The next morning, Ehlissa promised herself she would not obsess on thinking about Erac's fate. If he was coming back to her, he would. She had work to do. She needed a hundred more gold orbs saved up to settle her debts and she was earning them slowly as distracted as she had been.

She had just one errand to run in the Low Market before she went to work for the day. One quick errand. But before she could complete it-