Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Page 22

Trailing wisps of smoke behind them, the two young magic-users lined up behind Yrag, with Ehlissa at the rear. Yrag's armor jingled malevolently as they marched down the stairs, as if trying to alert whatever menaces awaited them below. Because Yrag seemed not to care, Tenser tried not to care too, though Ehlissa was increasingly unsure about having not hired someone stealthier, or perhaps even having come at all.

The stairs were not in an open stairwell, but closed off on either side with walls of sheer stone. The steps were also hewn from the rock the castle sat on. The stairs were not overly narrow, yet there was a strong sense of confinement. They were descending underground now, and the walls seemed as thick as the world was wide. The torches gave some comfort, but belched up clouds of black smoke that hung overhead and reminded them of a storm brewing. Every step on the stairs seemed to grow louder, as if announcing their presence. And still the staircase continued to spiral ever downward.

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  1. Love it---and it's nice to see the emphasis on mapping, too :D :D


  2. Ambush! AMBUSH!!!


    I'm salivating! It's coming! I CAN FEEL IT!!!!


    By Pelor and Boccob . . . I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!


  3. Grodog: I have a feeling the mapping will be a good plot point too.