Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Page 28

The Kelbit warriors, referred to by Yrag and Tenser by their common name of "kobolds", hung back and let the Eiger living among them move forward.  Even the Kelbit used the derisive term of "ogre" for their foul, vicious, and powerful companion.  They hated it with a passion, for it bullied them constantly, but its strength was without peer on this level of the dungeon and made their clan strong by association.  Should the human intruders kill it, they would not mourn the ogre, even though its passing would leave them vulnerable.

Yrag, Tenser, and Ehlissa were lucky that the ogre felt so confident that it had strode out into the room to meet them halway instead of waiting in a doorway where it could not be flanked.  The torches worried it just a little, but the ogre planned to get rid of those nuisances just as soon as it had dealt with the swordsman...

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  1. Tenser looks a little more worried than when he was "cleaning up" the kobolds, eh? ;>

    Nice work guys! :D


  2. You mean, as a fist level Wizard, Tenser was a . . . Sissy!? :O

    Say it ain't so! ROFL

    Excellent guys. Keep them coming!

  3. That panel where the ogre knocks Yrag on his ass was fun to draw. Poor Tenser is next!

  4. Nothing better than 1st level jitters and excitement, where everything can kill you. This kinda reminds me of the old Red Box: unwrapping it behind a closed bedroom door, weird dice spilling out onto my floor, cracking open the book and fighting a carrion crawler for the first time...

  5. Carrion crawler, eh? Impressive first battle. Mine was with a giant fire beetle...

  6. Mort, I demand that you start drawing the heroic adventures of Valkaun and Mortellan. ;)

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  8. The noble fighter Yrag gets knocked to the floor by the ogre mighty swing. Tenser propmtly shits his pants!

  9. Ahrmin . . . that too! ROFL

    My first encounter was a Hill Giant. Me a first level Magic-user, my girlfriend a first level fighter. I remember that, when the battle was done, she limped and I crawled to our camp site.

    Valkaun_Dain, those were indeed "the days!"

    Good times.

  10. My first encounter was with a squad of 20 plus goblins. I was a 1st level fighter / 1st level Magic-user half elf named Gortain. I remember because after i killed one goblin with my only magic missile and another goblin with my long sword three goblins attacked me at the same time and i was cut down like a sack of potatoes. the rest of my party were thieves, and they killed one more goblin before fleeing.