Saturday, March 23, 2013

Page 31

That Tenser had mistaken this area behind the curtain for a room had only confirmed for Yrag that Tenser was not yet accustomed to 10-foot wide dungeon corridors.  Why so many dungeon corridors were exactly 10-feet wide Yrag could not guess nor would he ever bother to do so.  He didn't care.  Treatises on the subject sat on dusty shelves in the Library of Greyhawk, written by learned sages and prominent wizards.  Most of them had been driven mad by their own questions, though, so maybe Yrag was better off for not caring anyway.
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  1. "A thousand copper pieces!" Depending upon edition, that might net them 1 gold piece. :P

    I also always wondered why the kobolds in the Caves of Chaos lived in warrens with ten foot wide passageways...


  2. 200 cp = 1 gp in AD&D, so a 5gp haul, apparently ;)


  3. The real problem is that, I don't believe Yrag is strong enough to carry that by himself.

    "Wait Mystic! He has Tenser and Ehlissa!"

    Yeah, they look like they're going to be LOTS of help carrying that chest!


  4. Wait Mystic! He has Tenser and Ehlissa!

    Oh wait, you already covered that...

  5. You guys are doing great work, Snarky . . . err, SCOTT! Yeah, right, Scott!

    You guys are doing great work, Scott! Keep it coming! :D


  6. And now we know why he created the floating disk...

  7. How much of the costs for the floating disk spell do you think the contents of that chest will pay for? LOL

  8. Copper?!? I guess they're low enough level that they have to take it.

    Now if they can just find some lizardmen to trade it for their gold...