Monday, May 13, 2013

Page 34

Tenser pondered the question.  "And for what?"

He had walked all day and his feet hurt.  He was almost killed by giant centipedes and an ogre.  He had murdered five sleeping kobolds.  He hurt his back hauling a treasure chest up a flight of stairs.  He looked again at his hands.  His blood-stained hands.

And he realized, despite all those negatives, that he had never felt so alive.  So adventurous.  So free.  And, if he could, he would do it all again tomorrow.
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  1. Hmmm...I hope this isn't the last we see of Ehlissa, that character has grown on me. I mean, it has *really* grown on me being perhaps the most original graphic portrayal of an AD&D woman character ever.

    She is cute, but looks like a real woman from a medieval world, using head covers and dresses. The conical hat in the early pages was awesome. The artist is either looking at real-world medieval fashion or has watched certain 1950's movies set in the Middle Ages.

    She is something we could expect to see in medival-fantastic setting that is minimally serious and is not trying to pander to the darker impulses of adolescent boys.

    No dominatrix leathers, chainmail bikinis with spiky nipples, magical makeup that never comes off or gravity-defying boobs on an impossibly narrow waist for this lady (and I use the term in its truest sense). Heck, she even looks she might be a bit on the chubby side by modern standards (hard to tell with her dress) and I bet she has hairy legs and armpits too.

    Go Ehlissa! :-)

    Oh, I'd also like to see if her desire for hanky-panky with Tenser (as shown on Page 8) reaches any fruition. But if that happens, Game of Thrones TV series levels of pornography. :-p

    Tenser and Yrag are awesome too. The wizard in his egyptian-esque attire is readily identifiable from the only official picture I saw of him, and Yrag...good lord! Did anyone notice the padded gambeson he was wearing when the trip to Castle Greyhawk started? Or the quilted open-face balaclava he wears beneath his helm? And his plate armor looks like, *gasp*, normal plate armor!

    This series is turning out to be very best AD&D-inspired comic in history. None of the official comics put out by TSR or WotC come close in comparison. If Wizards had a brain they should hire Scott and Mortellan to make a commercial, deadwood version of it, probably colored or better yet available in B&W and color versions electronically. Covers by invited artists, TSR luminaries if possible.

    The OSR folks would probably step over each other trying to get those goodies.

  2. Ehlissa has an interesting history. Originally intended as a throw-away early companion to Tenser, that idea was vetoed very early on by my girlfriend. Insisting that Ehlissa was the best part, she demanded that I bring her back. Sadly, Ehlissa does not figure into chapter 2, but you will see her again if this runs long enough. In the meanwhile, you can head over to and read "Ehlissa's Story" ( a prologue to Castle Greyhawk I wrote -- gosh, six years ago now!

    As for Wizards, I keep dreaming for that phone call too. Sure, I'd like to earn some bucks off of this myself, but the real crime is that Mike earns nothing for all the amazing art he's given us Greyhawk fans over the years. Tell that to everyone you know and get them following this blog. Wizards isn't going to pay any attention to a blog with 40-50 followers, but if we had 400-500...?

  3. Well, I for one, hope that you dreams come true Scott.

    And you're right, Mike is often under-appreciated . . . but not by me. ;)

    Thanks for all the hard work guys. Love the comic!