Friday, June 28, 2013

Ch. 2, page 2

Robilar knew the boy, though his name escaped him at the moment.  One of several of the newer bandits who claimed to have come from the Wild Coast.  Robilar held a derisive sneer in check at the very thought of it.  If these boys were from the Coast, it was from the safety of Safeton.  Had they been from further south, ever seen the thunder lizards that roamed there...well, they would not have looked so green, he was sure of that.
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  1. Very nice :D

    I'm looking forward to advent of the expanded adventuring team!


  2. I love how armor is depicted realistically in this comic, rather than having the spiky insanities that are the norm today. Studded leather for the newbie, chainmail with coif for Robilar. Nice touch with the knight's tunic and the hooded cloak with the pin.

  3. Thanks Vargr! I am definitely from the old school. I have this amazing illustrated book of actual medieval armor/fashion that I regularly use for ideas plus scott is very descriptive in what he wants characters to wear.

  4. I'm so glad Mort is drawing this instead of me, because I cannot draw chainmail. It's almost impossible to draw chainmail so it looks like chainmail if you try drawing the links. Mort has mastered this wonderful approximation out of squiggles that looks more like links than links would.

  5. Great work, the both of you. I love this comic and thank you for doing it!