Friday, August 2, 2013

Ch. 2, Page 4

Robilar stopped muscling past the sentry when he saw Captain Drake coming down the steps already.  Robilar straightened up and tried to look respectful.  And he was.  He considered himself no slouch as a fighting man, but Captain Drake had served in the Great Kingdom's legions before coming (fleeing?) to Greyhawk.  He was only one of two men in the whole place Robilar worried about, and by worrying he meant doubted he could take in a fair fight.
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  1. Interesting! I wonder who the other guys is that Robilar can't take in a fair fight.... :D

    Nice work, as always, guys!


  2. Oh yes. Observe how much character Mike is able to portray just in their stances in panel 1, or how natural the head turn looks in panel 3 (it's easy to overturn a head and make it look like the neck would be broken). Ah, I could soak it in all day...

  3. How do we know the Adventurers aren't after . . . them!

    Death to the Bandits! Mwahahahahahahaha!