Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 22

The burning fort was just a glowing ember on the horizon, a sunrise in miniature at their backs.  Tenser, Robilar, and Terik were facing south towards the City of Greyhawk, but the sanctuary the metropolis offered was some distance away, through treacherous hills, that they would have to navigate by moonlight.

That was why Robilar had suggested an alternate path.  Not far away were the ruins of the original Village of Greyhawk, close at hand to Castle Greyhawk, and far removed from where the modern-day city stood.  Tenser had seen the ruins for the first time months ago -- little more than the stone foundations of where a few rows of buildings once stood.  And it was there where Robilar suggested they now camp for the night.
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  1. Betrayal! Robilar had in in for Tenser from the very beginning!

    Evil Bastard!


  2. A nice touch!---is it betrayal, or are they trying to horn Tenser out of his share of the booty? ;)

    Also: I remember in the story that you mentioned the ruined village, Scott, but I don't remember them camping in it the first time around. I like that you keep tweaking and expanding the storyline!


  3. I added a word to that last sentence so it reads less like Robilar suggested they go camping there "the first time around". Any exploration of the ruins would have been one of the behind-the-scenes events during the six months between chapters 1 and 2.

  4. Just discovered the comic and read all of the previous pages up to this one in a single sitting. Really fun, and I enjoy both the writing and the artwork. Makes me want to draw my own Greyhawk fan-comic! Thanks for making these.

  5. Ooo, one sitting, nice. Feel free to start your own Greyhawk fan-comic. We won't see it as competition so much as the beginning of a robust community!