Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ch. 3, Page 3

Serten reached into his pouch and pulled a stone loose from its cloth wrapping. On the stone had been cast a divine spell that allowed it to continually shed light brighter than a lamp.

It was a spell Tenser might have considered miraculous just a year ago, but now was a common sight.

Behind them, the four adventurers could hear the "old guard" of Yrag, Murlynd, and Mordenkainen slowly catching up. The group would often separate like this, with the three of them spending more time studying the dungeon. Tenser, Serten, Robilar, and Terik were always eager to press on ahead and see the new marvels that awaited them.

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  1. That being what I think it is in the background, me thinks some lizardmen are in the vicinity...

  2. Oh, I'm sure that's just a coincidence, Matrox. There couldn't be any lizard men around...could there?

  3. Fantastic artwork . . . as always. Great work Mort!

    The story's not bad either . . . Mwahahahahahaha!

    Naw, love your work, Scott.