Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ch. 3, Page 6

Now everyone could hear them -- heavy footfalls echoing from the back of the chamber.  There could be any number of entrances to this cavern from its shadowy recesses, but Yrag had seemed confident from the start what direction the sound was coming from.  Silently, the archers formed up into a forward line, with the three magic-users protected behind them.

"This chamber is too wide," Yrag whispered.  "If they try to outflank us, fall back."

"Are you ready?" Robilar whispered; it was directed at Serten.

Serten was already re-wrapping his enchanted coin in the strip of cloth he kept it hidden in when not in use.  The spell of light cast on it would never fade, but it did shrink as the coin was hidden by more folds of fabric and darkness fell over more of the cavern.

Bowstrings were pulled back in readiness.  More footsteps.  Whatever was there was trying, badly, to sneak up and ambush them.

Serten tossed the bundled coin, while a ring at the end of the strip remained on his finger.  The bundle flew through the air, unwrapping as it arced upwards...



  1. You'll thank me for it someday, when the Internet recognizes you as the authority on ogre-drawing.

  2. Really? Wow!

    The quality remains high. Nice work.