Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ch. 3, Page 9

Terik shoved past the phantasmal elven archers, as it was easier than taking the time to disbelieve in them.  Robilar raised his voice in a battle cry and Terik added his voice just as he lent his sword to the melee.  The eiger was thrown off-balance by being double-teamed.  Their magic swords pierced its hide armor and the living hide beneath, but not deeply before the eiger managed to push them both back. With a roar, the eiger brought its remaining companions' attention away from the distraction of Tenser's illusion and towards the real threat.

The eigers had reach and strength on their side, as everyone expected, but also some measure of skill, making the battle last longer than anyone expected. Yrag hung back, keeping his bow in reserve, just as the three magic-users kept their spells in reserve. Robilar and Terik's swords flashed back and forth stabbing and slashing until one of the eigers finally went down. As the battle raged, the two fighting men were protected from serious injury by their platemail armor, but were being buffeted mercilessly nonetheless...


  1. Wonderful work, and Happy New Year! :)


  2. Was yesterday soon enough for you, Christopher?