Friday, May 1, 2015

Ch. 3, Page 17

Serten sang in a quiet falsetto.  He closed his eyes and held out his hands, which seemed to glow with a white radiance that shone out from under his gauntlets. Serten placed his open palm on Tenser's exposed skin and, with a flash, the white radiance passed from one body to the other. When this had no visible effect, Serten began to sing a new incantation to his god, Pholtus.  This time there was an immediate improvement; everywhere the white radiance spread a burning rash disappeared.

"Your god is as merciful as ever," Tenser said with much relief.

"You all say that when you need healing," Serten said with a grin, "but where are you on Godsday services...?"

Murlynd was by Yrag's side, with both of them keeping an eye on the things in the pit.  "I have something that I think will help with this," Murlynd said.  "I have acquired this substance called Greek Fire.  I have not yet learned what or who this 'Greek' is yet..." he said as he produced a beaker of dark liquid from out of his magic sack.


  1. Very nice work, guys!

    I particularly like the snarl in Yrag's set face as he says "Let's find out" =)