Friday, January 1, 2016

Ch. 3 Page 34

The "web" spell entangled the dragon and bought them all a moment of precious time.

Terik had rolled out from under the dragon's claws, his armor gouged and his body sore, but whole and ready to give back with his magic sword as soon as he could draw close enough.

Yrag had freed himself and was on his feet again. He moved to the same flank as Terik.

Serten took the opposite flank and tried to draw the dragon's attention. Tenser seemed vulnerably exposed to him and he knew the magic-user would never survive a blast of the dragon's hoary breath. If only Tenser's new wand had not given him such confidence...

It was only one moment.


  1. Fun, fun, fun!

    Happy New Year, guys! :D


  2. Nice! Happy New Year from the Faithful Hounds!!

  3. Happy New Year guys! Let's take this dragon down!

  4. Another blast from the mysterious wand! Ooooo!