Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ch. 3, Page 36

The dragon was down. It lay there, on the cavern floor, like a tipped over statue.

The adventurers slowly relaxed their guard. The dragon clearly was not faking this to trick them. It slowly leaked blood and gore from multiple wounds, but there still seemed to be life in its eyes. It was just completely paralyzed.

Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief, which filled the icy cold air around them with hot clouds of breath. There were even chuckles of nervous laughter now that the danger had passed. The battle which, until a moment ago, seemed like it could go either way...was now won.


  1. Always nice to have the higher perspective on things, eh, Murlynd?: not only getting out of the immediate line of fire, but finding the rest of the hoard! :D


  2. Scott---

    Have you done anything to round out the backstory of the other PC characters, out of curiosity? Murlynd strikes me as someone that Yrag may have already known from his previous adventures in the Castle, for example, while I assume Terik and Robilar are newer blood that they know only from adventuring together during this past year.


    1. That's a thoughtful question, Allan! Well, it's true that I'm assuming Murlynd and Yrag (and Mordenkainen too) have an as-yet undisclosed history of knowing each other. I've no plans to write out their backstories. However, if there was enough interest, maybe a future chapter could be one big flashback...

  3. The Never Ending story comes to mind.

    Nice wand!