Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ch. 4, Page 8

The next morning, Ehlissa promised herself she would not obsess on thinking about Erac's fate. If he was coming back to her, he would. She had work to do. She needed a hundred more gold orbs saved up to settle her debts and she was earning them slowly as distracted as she had been.

She had just one errand to run in the Low Market before she went to work for the day. One quick errand. But before she could complete it-


  1. Woot! Somehow, I KNEW he would make an appearance! Good going!

  2. I always got the sense back in the early days of the game, Ernie had made a character named "Erac" and that character died rather quickly so Ernie just rebooted him (reused the same character sheet and erased all the experience points and gathered treasure) and for expediency when asked what the new character's name was, Ernie just replied "Erac's Cousin". The rest is history. ;-)

  3. Mystic: Yeah but what next?!
    Frank: Classic! :)

    1. What next? Why, Ehlissa and cousin ride to Erac's rescue, of course! LOL