Monday, November 7, 2016

Ch. 4, Page 16

Ehlissa felt frustrated at every turn. She needed help to deal with Erac's Cousin and his strange request, but she was running out of allies quickly. There was still one avenue she could pursue, of course. It had been the first one that had entered her mind, and the first course of action she had chosen to delay.


Her feelings for Tenser still felt raw, like a wound that never fully healed. But she knew, in this, she could count on him. If she only knew how to reach him. In truth, in avoiding Tenser she had managed to lose track of him. She had no idea where in the city he was staying these days, or if he was even back in the city at all. But she did know someone else who would surely know. Someone who's place of residence she had not been back to in some time...


  1. I don't recognize this guy, who ishe?

  2. Okay, he does look a *little* different than he did when Mike first started drawing him, but this is Yrag, in his basement, where we first met him back in chapter 1. I'm pretty sure, if one were reading this story more quickly than 1 page per 2 weeks, that it would be easier to make the connection.