Monday, March 5, 2018

Ch. 5, Page 13

Robilar laid there for a moment, listening and watching the hay on the stable floor. The invisible stalker was definitely moving in a straight line for the front doors after knocking Otto aside. Robilar picked himself up and sprinted after him.

Lucien, the stablemaster, was so upset at the damage to his property that he foolishly tried getting in Robilar's way.

"Hey, you can't leave until we've settled damages!" Lucien said, before Robilar brushed him aside.

"Otto, hand this man some gold!" Robilar shouted at his henchman. The last thing he needed right now was the law after him.

Outside, Tenser heard Lucien shouting at Robilar, but was distracted by a breeze, as if something was moving past him...


  1. Otto left in the lurch, as usual ;)


  2. well, we already know Robilar is a fool for betraying the council of Eight. Unless it's one of those "clones" or doppelgangers that get tossed around in the A series.

  3. Obviously since it's retreating, now's the time to get as many sacks of flour as you can carry! It's time to ambush the invisible entity - no mean feat. Or run like maniacs and get ambushed themselves, I suppose.

    1. What a time for Greyhawk City to have a high tariff on flour!

    2. Down with the council, up with the Lansgraf! Find and capture Zagyg, get him back in charge. He'd sort out the price of flour but-good!