Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ch. 5, Page 17

"T-Tenser, m-make them s-slow down!" Endelar managed as she felt every bump on the road.

"I-I'm sorry, d-dearest, b-but this an em-mergency!" Tenser said, holding the seat tightly.

Endelar was thrown into him and held Tenser tight, making this his favorite part of the whole day so far.


  1. Invisible foes are the worst. The WORST. Too bad they don't have a friend to cast, say, Glitterdust on the damnable thing! Though, other magics might work just as well... at least the dogs proved valuable, if for nothing else than keeping the PCs/NPCs alive.

    1. Glitterdust? If only they knew a time traveler from 2nd ed AD&D!

    2. Hey, now, surely someone invented it beforehand! Spells didn't just appear from nowhere on paper. It'd surely be a secret (read: just now being playtested) spell. Faerie fire would work, as well. But most of all, surviving this should be a lesson in needing a proper DIVINER as a friend!