Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ch. 5, Page 25

Naturally, shouts for a fire brigade had brought a swift response from the City Watch as well. The innkeeper was still fuming, despite the fact that his inn seemed like it was going to survive intact, and was quick to let the watchmen know.

"Over there, officers! Those are the culprits responsible! Be wary of them..." Felipe Namarhz called out to the approaching watchmen, but then was nearly knocked over from behind.

"Excuse me! Out of my way!" yelled a lady in fine gown, muscling her way out into the street from the inn. She was not dressed for walking unescorted, as the train of her dress was held by no servant and had clearly dragged though mud and offal from the curb and had torn on something. She stomped off through the street, her dress becoming more disheveled, until she approached a carriage. "Get me home!" she hollered at the driver with no trace of refinement.

Felipe turned his attention back to the watchmen. It was a paltry size for a watch patrol and Felipe feared it was not going to be sufficient to enforce justice on this hoodlum in strange armor, his orc flunky, and the dwarf-like man who accompanied them. That they had magic between them was unmistakable. Surely, they were plotting between them even now how they would best the watchmen and escape. Ah, but the sergeant of the watch was approaching him now...


  1. A subtle off-screen use of Charm Person, a quick application of the Friends spell, or his natural charms? I wonder...

    1. Any way you look at it, Tenser is very charming!

    2. An Enchanter should try not to rely on his Enchantments too much, but Charm Person has an absurd range and duration in the older editions so... it's hard not to start any social encounter you're aware of with a long distance casting of it! Friends is also very fast and potent, but hey, Tenser is quite a master of making things change...