Tuesday, July 31, 2012

page 15

"It was good to see you solve your problem with your wits," Yrag said, "but why not a spell?"

"Our magic is...limited," Tenser confessed.

"Heh. Apprentice magicians..." Yrag said with a playfully mocking tone.

"I've never seen centipedes so large," Ehlissa said when they were moving again.

"A mad demigod's power bleeds into all the surrounding land, making whatever grows here more dangerous."

"Zagig was a powerful wizard," Tenser said.

"And you would love to add his spellbooks to your own, I suppose," Yrag said. "Like I warned you before, the monsters of the castle will not give up their treasures easily."

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  1. Must be some dark druids wandering about ;)


  2. *curses the dark druids.*

    I like the notion that the magic bleed is making the critters larger. Why have I never pondered this until now?

  3. Because we've now spent more time thinking about the ecology around Castle Greyhawk than any normal people should...

  4. It also seems to be affecting the vegetation as well.

    Awesome! I really like the "magic bleed" concept too.

    Very nice, guys.

  5. Hey,

    I'd like to promote Castle Greyhawk in an upcoming post on my website (http://www.PapersPencils.com).

    Would you guys mind if I use some cropped images (no full comics) in that post?