Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ch. 2, Page 13

Well...not every bandit at the fort was killed.  Eventually Tenser tired of watching the slaughter and suggested it might be valuable to take some prisoners.  Robilar thought it was a terrible idea, but Terik was not overly opposed.  Though Robilar was miffed at being overruled, his participation proved invaluable, for he knew that the bandits actually had their own prison ---- a separate tower at the rear of the small keep -- and Robilar knew where the key was kept.  After handing the key over to Terik, Robilar wandered off without telling anyone what he was up to.

"Does he always do that?" Tenser asked as they were waking up the last of the sleeping guards.

"On your feet, you dogs!" Terik was shouting at their prisoners to scare them.  "Does he always do what?"

"Just do his own thing like that."  Tenser tried to multitask and direct prisoners during their conversation as well.  "March to the prison if you want to stay alive!" he admonished, with his dagger drawn.

"Oh, well, that's Robilar for you, isn't it?" Terik asked rhetorically.

If Tenser planned to press for more information, he was interrupted when a young bandit they were about to put in the prison looked for a moment like he might bolt for freedom.
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  1. Ooooh---secret entrances!: we love those! :D


  2. Who knew Tenser was such a "wimp" in the beginning? LOL

    What? Secret Entrance?

    What secret entrance!?

    Let's beat it out of the prisoners!


  3. Robilar already pocketed the gold and gems he found. He just told Tenser and Terik that silver is all there was. :P


  4. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you guys didn't think our heroes were respectable people...

  5. They do kill people and take their stuff for a living, Scott---what's not to respect? ;->