Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ch 2, Page 14

Castle Greyhawk.  The mere mention of it excited both Tenser and Terik.  Indeed, this whole complex operation had been designed just to rid them of the nuisance and sometimes impediment of having to deal with bandits to and from the infamous castle.
Tenser climbed up through the trapdoor and joined Robilar and Terik in rifling through things on the top floor room of the fort's small hilltop keep.

In the last six months, exploration of Castle Greyhawk had exploded into a crowded occupation.  Tenser had spent them exploring Castle Greyhawk, always with some combination of Ehlissa, Yrag, Robilar, Terik, or a few others, but there were rival parties, companies, and fellowships turning up there all the time.  Significant progress was already being made on clearing out the upper levels of its dungeons, but Tenser and a few others were aware of sub-levels around them that were difficult to access.  A new entrance, known only to these bandits, could yield virgin territory for killing and looting.

And so Tenser eagerly joined Robilar in looking through papers.
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  1. "We shall stand to the last man!"

    Hope you had a great Midwinter's Night!

    Hope you have a Merry Needfest!

    Long Live Greyhawk!

    You guys do great work. On behalf of everyone . . . Thanks!

  2. "Seems useless to me"---ah, poor Robilar, how wrong you are ;) (or was that Terik?).

    Thanks for the fun, as always!