Friday, January 24, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 16

The phantasmal forces on the palisade began firing at once into the Captain's forces on the ground.  Every bandit with a shield became the closest friend of those around him, as everyone huddled up for cover.  The rain of arrows was merciless, though, and under its barrage the bandits began to fall back, despite Captain Drake's calls for them to stand their ground. 

Not that the bandits were powerless to return fire.  Many among them had short bows or crossbows and they aimed as best as they could for the shadowy defenders on the wall -- the very wall that some of these bandits had manned just hours earlier. 
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  1. How dare Robilar shoot the only person able to see through the illusion!

    Foul! Foul I say!


  2. Robilar: "Disbelieve this!"



  3. "Ok men put down your shields these are simple phantasms. except for the one in my chest right now." LOL!