Friday, February 7, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 17

The exchange of missile fire just seemed to go on and on.  Injuries on the field below the palisade were becoming common, despite shield cover and the dark of the night.  As far as anyone could see, not a single defender up on the wall had been dropped yet. 

The battle was taking its toll on both sides, though the attackers could not see what problems the defenders had.  Tenser was safely on the ground inside the fort, staging his phantasmal archers on the palisade like a director, his actors, and a stage.  Maintaining the spell was taxing, especially since the occasional arrow overshot the wall and came his way, but they all landed well clear of him.

Robilar would have run out of arrows already had Terik not found a spare quiver for him in the fort.  They both peppered the attackers with real arrows, ducking in and out of the rank of phantasmal archers.  The return fire was thinning out as the attackers ran low on arrows, but that meant that shots were being more carefully planned and aimed.  The palisade was still a very dangerous place. 

At any moment, one side was bound to crack...
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  1. Morale check: failed.

    Morale failure: flee in panic :D


  2. Morale checks are a player's best friend; all DMs should use them.

  3. Enjoying the series, but would like to see the pace pick up

  4. Granted, I'm always going to be biased towards this material, but I did wait until I had time to read this entire chapter (so far) over again in one sitting before responding. I breezed through it in 13 minutes and saw plenty of action that moved the plot. If you're just anxious to see them get back to Castle Greyhawk, I can understand that, but otherwise I'm unclear on what we could do to make the pace faster.

  5. If it's the pace of release, that is entirely my fault. At best I could do 1/wk but as we do this on our own free time for no future hope of profiting off it, we're doing our best. We do appreciate your readership! )