Friday, March 21, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 20

Tenser was still impatient while Robilar and Terik drank round after round of the bandits' wine.  The last thing Tenser wanted now was to return to Greyhawk City with two annoying drunks, but the two fighting men surprised him with their constitutions, or more specifically their ability to hold liquor. 

And then Robilar surprised him again by raising his tankard and, solemnly, saying, "A toast, gentlemen, to those who died here this night.  Let us pray their lives had some valor in them." 

Terik joined him in that toast and Tenser nodded in agreement. 

"Now, let's finally burn this place down!" Terik said after finishing his last drink.

This part proved easy, as Robilar already knew where large leather flasks of oil were stored.  They had only to light a torch and decide where to start the conflagration...

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  1. Did I miss something or are they burning the prisoners they took to death as well?

    1. You didn't; our "heroes" either forgot about or don't care to do anything about the prisoners. Maybe they'll even survive, since the cell was in "a separate tower at the rear of the small keep".

  2. It all comes down to timing, I guess: either Drake and Gronan will save the keep (and perhaps the forgotten prisoners but perhaps not the walls?) if they're able to stop Terik from torching that bale of hay, or they're going to have a much hotter time in store for them than they planned to give to Robilar ;)

    Roll initiative!


  3. At least those prisoners have a fighting chance to get out. Tenser wouldn't want a repeat of the kobold captive incident.

  4. Seems like poor planning, in regards to the prisoners.

    But then, these guys never claimed to be "lawful good." LOL

  5. And so the controversy of Prisonergate continues.

    It was never meant to seem like part of the plan. What was supposed to be implied back then was that Tenser was supposed to off the sleeping bandits, but couldn't bring himself to do it and changed the plan to imprisoning them. Foreshadowing the LG PC he was to become...?