Monday, February 24, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 19

If Robilar spotted the trapdoor in the dark cellar, he made no mention of it when he came back up with the cask.

"Oh, what's that?" Terik asked excitedly.

"Tastes like red wine," Robilar said, sitting it down on a table.  "I took a taste on the way back up.  Not watered down too bad either."

"Probably stolen," Terik said with disgust.  "Here, let me find somebody's tankards around here we can use."

"Is this really a good idea?" Tenser said, peaking into the room.  He had just stepped out to check for trouble, but all was silent in the fort.

"Shouldn't you be lying down and resting to get your spells back?" Terik asked as he came to the table where Robilar now sat with two tankards he had found.

"That's not how it works," Tenser said crossly.  "I need my spellbook, back in the city."

"You see why I never became a magic-user," Robilar said as he poured drinks from the cask.  "Once you're out of spells, you're useless."

"Less then useless," Terik chimed in.  "More like a burden, really..." The two fighting men stared at each hard across the table, as if something was silently being discussed between them. Tenser showed no sign of noticing, as he turned away in a huff.

The moment of intensity passed, as Robilar and Terik broke into smiles instead...
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  1. Good thinking on Drake's part! :D


  2. The guy is quite intelligent and well trained/armed for a bandit leader. I'd love to know his full back story.

  3. So would I.

    Great work, love the art.