Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ch. 2, Page 32

Sleep should have come easily to Tenser. Exhausted and spent, he should have been asleep the moment his head touched the ground. Words, though, kept getting in his way. 

The conversation between Gronan and Robilar had not gone unheard. Though said in hushed voices some distance away, they had carried on a gentle breeze to Tenser's ears. And they troubled him. Troubled to hear of this arrangement being made behind his back, as it were. Troubled that Robilar would decide on his own to let their prisoner go.  Tenser stayed on the ground, pretending to be asleep, but considering how best to reproach Robilar on the subject later.

That is, until Robilar spoke again. By now, Gronan was already well out of earshot and Robilar could not have meant them to be heard by anyone but himself.  Tenser was comforted by these words, for they showed a depth of character Robilar normally kept hidden. 

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  1. A nice wrap to Chapter 2, Scott! I like the long shadow cast by Robilar, too---even if somewhat reminiscent of a Super Battle Droid ;D