Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ch. 3, Page 1

Gronan's description of a secret entrance to Castle Greyhawk proved to be accurate; it was the first of three they found in the coming months. Each expedition under the old castle ruins seemed to lead to a new, previously undiscovered section of the dungeon. And the dungeon ran deep -- a fourth, fifth, and even a sixth level were discovered, each deeper than the last. There were hundreds of corridors and over a hundred rooms mapped so far, some of which had once served purposes, like barracks or storerooms, while other rooms seemed to have never existed for any purpose at all except to be found by explorers.

And there were always monsters. Every few rooms they would find them -- more kobolds and ogres, giant rats and giant snakes, orcs and gnolls, skeletons and zombies, and creatures both more monstrous or strange.  Almost always, the encounters ended disastrously for the monsters, leaving unguarded treasure for the taking.

It was the looting of Castle Greyhawk that always attracted the attention of rival adventurers fastest. Loose alliances began to form between them as they found ways to cooperate in the dungeons, back and forth to the dungeons, or back in the city.  Six months after the bandit camp was burned down, one alliance of adventurers in particular seemed to have the advantage over all the others...

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  1. I just discovered and read this webcomic. It's amazing. Thank you guys for writing and drawing it, and for sharing it with all of us!

    A question- how close is this to the original GH campaign? From various comments, I'm guessing fairly close?

  2. Hi Jester! As close as we can make it! We created this story using all the research on the original Greyhawk campaign we have access to. That's not to say things really did happen this way, but rather that our goal is never to contradict the known facts. For example, we know Gronan was an early character in the campaign, but we don't know anything about his back story, so he *could* have been working with bandits. We don't know when Yrag, Mordenkainen, and Murlynd first adventured together, but it was likely between when chapter 2 took place and now...

  3. Great to see the comic still going! It's been a fun read.