Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ch. 3, Page 30

The dragon glanced around and saw that the humans, seeking cover, were not green adventurers. It was not concerned with the swordsmen, but two of them appeared to magic-users, and magic could be trouble. Perhaps from a better vantage point, like right above them, it would be able to freeze both of them. The dragon spread wings that felt numb from being folded for so long.

Murlynd saw that the danger from the dragon would be greater once it was airborne. He needed to take it down fast. Luckily, though he had squandered his fireball, he was not entirely out of offensive spells...


  1. And here I thought white dragons had low intelligence

  2. Nice leveraging of the material and somatic components for lightning bolt, guys =)


  3. Gotta love those classic rebounding lightning bolts!

  4. Yeah, but he still wishes he hadn't squandered that Fireball!