Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ch. 3 Page 31

The dragon slowed its descent with its one good wing, but could not stay airborne for long. Now, tactically, it would have been to their advantage to have the fighters waiting to surround it once it landed and then all lay into it together, but the situation was not helping them work to their own advantage.

Yrag had pressed his back hard to the stalagmite he used for cover when the dragon's frost breath gushed all around him, only to find his back frozen to the stalagmite afterwards. He was still working to free himself, but had little leverage.

The cavern floor had refrozen from the coating of dragon breath and, already covered in water from the fireball melting the previous layer, this new coating was extra slick. Terik had lost his balance while dodging and fell to the floor.

Murlynd had retreated to a good hiding place in the shadows, while Serten, still on his feet, was trying to come around behind where the dragon would land.

That left Tenser, behind cover, thinking about the new wand he gripped in his hand...

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