Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ch. 5, Page 8

Tenser scowled at Otto. He and Robilar had been making a small expedition back to the upper dungeon levels of Castle Greyhawk with just a few retainers when they encountered Otto on the second level.  Tenser had subdued him himself and Otto, surrendering, swore allegiance. Otto's promises were not worth much, it turned out. When Robilar offered him better wages behind Tenser's back, Otto switched allegiance yet again.

And Quij...well, Quij was just Quij. Sure, he was handy in a fight, but no one understood why Robilar put up with so much from that orc other than Robilar.


  1. Surely a priest would be best to abjure a planar foe?

  2. *Tenser casts Serten Summoning*

  3. LOL. Poor Robilar, always chasing or being chased! :D