Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ch. 5, Page 9

Invisible stalkers. Tenser knew the term; invisible stalkers were urban legends, whispered to be summoned and controlled only by the most powerful wizards.

The temptation was there to continue telling Robilar off for all his foolish decisions, like enraging evil wizards -- or go off on a side rant about how Robilar's henchmen were laying siege to one of the main dungeon entrances at the castle and charging adventurers tolls to go down. The temptation was there to tell Robilar to solve his own problems and just leave him to his perhaps well-deserved fate.

So far, it was just a temptation...


  1. LOL. I love the "urban legends" thought bubbles! :D


  2. Surely a cheaper solution is to have some simple traps available to spray flour, or sawdust, to spray all over it when it sets it off. A dog is also a good idea, or a priest with True Sight perhaps. Maybe Detect Invisibility? I suppose he hasn't befriended many priests, to be fair.